Raphael - Governing Coucil

Meet our Management

  • Brig. Arun Bhatnagar
      Brig. Arun BhatnagarCEO

      Retired from the Army after 35 years of service.  Last assignment was Faculty in College of Defence Management.

    • Col. (Dr.) J. P. Gupta
        Col. (Dr.) J. P. GuptaDirector Medical

        After retiring from the Army Medical Corps, he has been working at the Raphael TB Hospital for the last 27 years.

      • Mrs. Priyo Lall
          Mrs. Priyo LallDirector Development

          A rehabilitation psychologist who has been working in the field of special education at Raphael for the last 20 years.

        • Mrs. Shalini Kapil
            Mrs. Shalini KapilManager Little White House and F&B

            Manages children of leprosy parentage.

          • Mrs. Anjali Kalra
              Mrs. Anjali KalraManager Rehabilitative Workshop

              Manages the activities of the Rehabilitative Workshop.

            • Ms. Nikita Rastogi
                Ms. Nikita RastogiFinance Manager

                Responsible for efficient management of all facets of Raphael’s accounts.

              • Megha Bisht
                  Megha BishtSenior Physiotherapist

                  Megha Bisht is the senior physiotherapist

                • Pramila Prasad
                    Pramila PrasadSenior Faculty, Training Centre

                    Pramila Prasad is a senior faculty member in the training centre

                  • Mamta Negi
                      Mamta NegiFaculty Member, Training Centre

                      Mamta Negi is a full time faculty member in the training centre.

                    • Ganga
                        GangaSupervisor, CBR Programme

                        Ganga is the Supervisor of the Community Based Rehabilitation programme.

                      • Lata Chamoli
                          Lata ChamoliPrincipal, Day School

                          Lata Chamoli is the Principal of the day school for special needs

                        • Mangli Rana
                            Mangli RanaSupervisor, Residential Centre

                            Mangli Rana is the Supervisor of the residential centre for the intellectually disabled.

                          • Himanshu Sharma
                              Himanshu SharmaOffice Superintendent

                              Himanshu Sharma is the Office Superintendent

                            • Sanjeev Sharma
                                Sanjeev SharmaOffice Accountant

                                Sanjeev Sharma is the Office Accountant

                              • Rani Thapa
                                  Rani ThapaMatron, TB Hospital

                                  Rani Thapa is Matron of the TB Hospital

                                • Patrus Paulus
                                    Patrus PaulusSupervisor, LWH | In-charge, Catering Services

                                    Patrus Paulus is Supervisor of LWH and in-charge of Catering Services


                                  • Dharampal Singh
                                      Dharampal SinghSupervisor Support Services

                                      Dharampal Singh is the Supervisor Support Services

                                    • Dr Sudhir Pershin
                                        Dr Sudhir PershinMedical Supretendent