Volunteers at Raphael

Volunteer Programme

Raphael is widely supported by volunteers from all over the world

Volunteers from overseas and India enhance the lives of our residents with their selfless compassion and caring. Sharing their cultures, talents and traditions with the residents, the volunteers help in the classroom and also in music, art and craft, physiotherapy and speech therapy.

Volunteer Coordinators (Australia, New Zealand & United Kingdom)



Susie Mackerras Overseas Volunteers’ Co-ordinator Ryder Cheshire Foundation 43, Nelson Road; Lindfield, NSW 2070 (e) volunteering@ryder-cheshire.org

New Zealand

MS Carolyn Tapley, PO BOX 13695, Christchurch, New Zealand. (p) +64-39613704 (e) carolyn.tapley@broadbase.co.nz

United Kingdom

Ms Jane Forster, 2 Denton Road, London N8 9NS, United Kingdom. (p) +44-2083480472 (e) janeforster4@gmail.com

Volunteers from all other countries should directly forward their application to Raphael. Please use the link below to fill and submit the application online.