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This area provides services to people with intellectual and associated disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and multiple disabilities. This department offers the following services: Residential Area, The Day Centre, The School Readiness Programme, Vocational Unit, Community Based Rehabilitation, Mobile Outreach, The Human Resource Development Centre and Assisted Independent Living (Barbara & Martyn Cottages).

Residential Centre (Ava Vihar)

Our residential unit for children between the ages of nine and eighteen with intellectual and associated disabilities, including but not limited to Autism and Cerebral Palsy.

The Day Centre

Our day centre trains students to achieve their maximum potential in daily living skills, social and conceptual skills.

The School Readiness Programme

This programme provides early intervention services to children under the age of six.

Vocational Unit

This unit prepares a child to live independently at home, enter the rehabilitative workshop, or be placed at a job in the community.

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

This programme works with over 100 children in government schools and anganwadis (preschools) across 26 villages between 20-40 kilometers away from the Raphael campus. We have two Early Intervention Centres catering to about 25 children.

Mobile Outreach

A mobile outreach team identifies other districts in Uttarakhand where there are no services for those with disabilities and assists with awareness and training programmes.

Human Resource Development Centre

This center provides two years Diploma in Special Education(Mental Retardation) Information regarding the course is advertised in the national and local dailies. The center also provides assessment and remdeial sessions for children with Specific Learning Disabilities for mainstream schools.

Assisted Independent Living for girls (Barbara Cottage)

Students live in a home environment under the supervision of a house parent while they attend classes at the day centre. This prepares them for independent living in the community.

Assisted Independent Living for boys (Martyn Cottage)

Martyn Cottage, an assisted independent living cottage for boys with intellectual disability, was inaugurated in December 2014. It runs on the same lines as Barbara Cottage.

National Trust (www.thenationaltrust.in)

National TrustWe are registered with National Trust responsible for the welfare of persons with Autism Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities. National Trust has nominated Raphael as the State Nodal Agency Centre in Uttarakhand for these disabilities.

Rehabilitation Council of India (www.rehabcouncil.nic.in)

We are recognised by Rehabilitation Council of India to run training courses in disability.